The Pissing Tree

I do not intend to exclude any girl from a blog post on pissing outside. South Georgia does not hold prejudice between male and female when it comes to urinating in the woods. I don’t normally “piss and tell”, but sometimes the piss tells on me.

Once, I made it a quick habit of opening my front door at night to let loose on a patch of dirt. I’d even walk out of the bathroom just to go pee outside. Simple enough, “The dirt’ll soak it up.” Within a week, a lush rainforest of greens grew up in front of my door, and I even think a few rare species of tropical birds and other foresting creatures all came to make a home in the neon green grass. We all like to “go green”, but like everything else, it can be overdone. Even after a little research I found a blog about a man who pees on his compost pile that he uses in his garden! Check out this blog entry titled Wee Willie Winkie. If you think it’s gross, not only will the guy prove you wrong and make you laugh, he might have you peeing outside too! (No need to convince me, I’m obviously a seasoned veteran.)

Right now I’m looking up at the Oak tree in my back yard that we call the “TT tree” or the “Poopin’ Tree”, or as I’m calling it today, “The Pissing Tree.” When we played dodge ball on our trampoline or X-men, or whatever game of the day, when we needed to take a leak we’d bound off the black tarp, traipse over acorns and twigs, unzip, and freak a leak or drop a couple sticks of our own.

At the foot of the tree there were even holes, heck, let me go look to refresh my memory…well the holes are grown together now (I guess that was about a 12 year long flush). The poops we took were purely experimental. Lady and Gentlemen alike haven’t quite adapted the fundamentals of poop firing, but who knows what technology and evolution may bring!

In the spirit of celebrating nature, I highly recommend a nice tree piss. I’ll go first.


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